Our Mission

A focus of culture and Georgian immigrant life

As an organization we are motivated by a commitment to improve the quality of life of our society. We aim to do this through the medium of Georgian traditional performance arts. Our broad vision integrates these arts with the developing cultural life of contemporary Georgian society in New York. We aim to be a bridge between Georgian traditions and American cultural life.

Our mission has evolved to provide an environment to combine professional level performance in Georgian traditional arts with an all around education for children through the study and practice of these arts and to provide opportunities for the growing Georgian immigrant community to establish healthy roots within New York City and American society.

Our Staff

  • Artistic and Gerneral Director: Victor Sirelson
  • Choreographer: Vladimer "Dato" Goderidze
  • Studio Director: Lika Bakhturidze Sirelson
  • Men's Choir Director: Davit Chkuaseli
  • Studio and General Manager: Tsutsa Kapanadze
  • Children's Georgian Dance Choreographers: Irina Khutsurauli and Goga Gelashvili
  • Music School Director: Tengiz Shautidze
  • Ballet School Director: Ani Gadelia
  • Theater Director: Lika Bakhturidze Sirelson

Be Part of Our Community

We are a growing community sharing a common interest in Georgian culture, immigrant life and the practice and enjoyment of the best of art and culture. If you would like to become involved or simply learn more, you are most welcome to visit, email, phone or write.

Contact details

We can converse in English, Georgian and Russian.
Phone: Victor: 914-522-3888; Lika: 845-642-4823; Tsutsa: 347-257-2741

Email: info@dancingcrane.org; vsirelson@gmail.com

Correspondence: 6401 20th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11204 and 9 Dekay Road, Warwick, NY 10990