TV Documentary Program "Rainbow TV"

Write Scripts - Interview Celebrities

Finished product: TV episodes for "Rainbow TV"

The focus of the project will be to engage the children in all aspects of the creation of a TV program called “Rainbow” where each child will create a separate episode as a short film. Participants will be between the ages of 6 and 12. The developing of a concept and theme are considered as important as the technical development and video process.

Finished shows are shown in our studio, uploaded to YouTube and when possible aired on public TV, such as the very popular Georgian children’s TV show “Enki-Benki”.

Rainbow TV

Our objective is to give the children an in-depth experience of every aspect of the creation of a scenario that will be recorded and developed as a TV program. This proceeds in 7 steps: developing a concept, theme and sequence; organizing and preparing a plan and script; securing participants and interviewees according to the plan and learning to interview them; learning the use of a professional video camera; scheduling the production and proceeding with the enacting and recording of the scenes; learning the use of video editing software and doing the editing; staging the actual showing of the episode.

The children are guided, instructed and assisted by a team including:
The project supervisor – Lia Bakhturidze Sirelson with many years of experience in Georgian theater and education as playwright, actress, director, university administrator and teacher and teacher of children’s theater
Investigative journalist – Tea Tuashvili with years of experience at the forefront of world events as a journalist in the country of Georgia
Videographer and editing – Giorgi Narimanidze who will provide the video expertise
Acting and staging – Tsitsino Kapanadze, an accomplished actress, hostess and teacher of Georgian theater

Our Staff

  • Artistic and Gerneral Director: Victor Sirelson
  • Choreographer: Vladimer "Dato" Goderidze
  • Studio Director: Lika Bakhturidze Sirelson
  • Men's Choir Director: Davit Chkuaseli
  • Studio and General Manager: Tsutsa Kapanadze
  • Children's Georgian Dance Choreographers: Irina Khutsurauli and Goga Gelashvili
  • Music School Director: Tengiz Shautidze
  • Ballet School Director: Ani Gadelia
  • Theater Director: Lika Bakhturidze Sirelson

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We are a growing community sharing a common interest in Georgian culture, immigrant life and the practice and enjoyment of the best of art and culture. If you would like to become involved or simply learn more, you are most welcome to visit, email, phone or write.

Contact details

We can converse in English, Georgian and Russian.
Phone: Victor: 914-522-3888; Lika: 845-642-4823; Tsutsa: 347-257-2741


Correspondence: 6401 20th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11204 and 9 Dekay Road, Warwick, NY 10990